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Query Solved: Unknown Drama #3: Man on the Screen

This is an update to the following blog post from October 2013.

While revisiting this query I've managed to pinpoint a very likely candidate.

Here is a collage of scenes from it.

Armed with the known clues that 1) it had a character called "Jack"; 2) there was a scene in a computer centre; 3) a French woman featured ...

... and then narrowing the timeline being considered to the vicinity of June 1987, which seemed a possibility because the clip's position in a sequence of forum posts made by the original archive clip collector (the two clips either side of the unknown were both from known programmes broadcast in that particular month)

A search of some TV records elicited a single possible candidate that fitted all the criteria.  It was a one-shot drama broadcast on Sunday 21 June 1987 called Man on the Screen which went out under the banner title of Thriller (although nothing to do with the long-running 1970s ITV series of that name).

Man on the Screen featured a lead character called Jack Adams played by David Quilter.  His co-star was the French actress Elisabeth Etienne, who was playing a character called Chantal.  It also had a character listed as a "Computer Technician" played by Jill James. 

Thriller was an ITV series made by the HTV company and appears to have only been a short series of three one-off dramas.  The only other two that seemingly went out under this series title were both shown in 1986.

Because it was an ITV programme it is not covered by the BBC Genome project so instead I used the Times Digital archive to lookup that week's TV listings page and obtained the following plot details.

TV REVIEWER'S CHOICE: Man on the Screen (10:00-11:00pm, ITV). Smart Money meets Gaslight in Terence Feely's electronic thriller.  With one nervous breakdown under his belt, computer genius David Quilter finds his sanity threatened once more by a couple of corrupt colleagues.  Alastair Reid's mannered direction and Feely's clichéd dialogue fortunately detract little from the story.

LISTING: Man on the Screen.  A computer genius is accused of a murder he cannot remember committing

Since it was about a computer genius a scene set in a computer centre fits.

And most compellingly pictures of David Quilter bear a strong resemblance to the man in the scene.

The French woman's face isn't seen all that clearly in the clip but images of Elisabeth Etienne show the same general look.

With the clues fitting all available avenues of investigation plus additional follow-ups on scenario and actor resemblance also panning out, it seems as likely as it can be (without the full programme to hand) that this query is now solved to a sufficient degree of confidence to call it.

Elisabeth Etienne's acting career was primarily in France and this seems to have been the only thing she did on UK television, although it is not shown on IMDB.   She also appeared nude in the French film Femmes de personne (1984).

Man on the Screen was written by Terence Feely and was directed by Alastair Reid.  It also starred Robert Urquhart, Natalie Slater, Eva Mottley and Thorley Walters.

The other two episodes in Thriller, both from March 1986, were Macho starring John Stride and Susannah York; and You'll Never See Me Again starring Leslie Phillips.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Righting Wrongs: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

A Clockwork Orange (1971) contains a fair amount of nudity but the end credits unhelpfully list the minor players without indicating the roles played - and in alphabetical order too so nothing useful can be determined from the order in which they are listed

Although IMDB have long had a full list of credits showing character names it has never been clear where these identifications originate from and how reliable they can be taken to be.  One would of course hope the identifications were made by someone who had access to researched documentation.  But they could just as easily contain a degree of guesswork.

Case in Point
Recently watching the 1970s drama Secret Army on the Drama channel I noticed the actress Shirley Jaffe appearing in a small role in episode 3 and that prompted me to re-examine A Clockwork Orange in which she is one of those credited without a character designation.  On IMDB she is shown as being the "Victim of Billyboy's gang". 

This IMDB identification has led to the long-standing and widely-held belief that she is the naked woman near the beginning of the film being assaulted on the stage of a derelict casino by a gang who are then interrupted by a rival gang led by Alex (Malcolm McDowell).

But being only ever seen at a distance it has been impossible to really say one way or the other whether this is correct even with good face shots of her from another film - Taste The Blood of Dracula (1970).  Consequently it has been necessary to take the IMDB identification on good faith.

With no way to really prove it, it would only be possible to potentially overturn it if she could be spotted in some other role in the film.  And indeed this has now proved to be the case.  She has been located in an easily missed cameo as a non-speaking nurse in the first hospital that Alex is taken to where he is soon to get his aversion therapy.  She is getting a hypodermic syringe ready while Dr Branom (Madge Ryan) assesses Alex.  Her face is only briefly seen as she is walking into the room but it is her clearly enough.

This means she is not the woman in the Billybob scene as has long been thought.  So her entry on the site database will be removed next time its pages are refreshed.

This of course leaves the actress in that scene unaccounted for ... (but not for long)

While doing this new investigation I came across a site dedicated to Malcolm McDowell and A Clockwork Orange (aco) which has behind-the-scenes documentation on the film. - A table of call sheets for the film  A list of participants and the roles they actually played.  Including uncredited roles and other useful information.
From this the following can be drawn.

It confirms Shirley Jaffe is indeed the Hypo Nurse and not the woman being assaulted in the derelict casino.

On IMDB Cheryl Grunwald is listed as "Victim in film" - this would be referencing a sequence seen of a young woman in a pink wig on some grass being set upon by men in white clothing - this is a film shown to Alex during his aversion therapy designed to appal him and correct his way of thinking.

But the information on the malcolmtribute site shows that Cheryl Grunwald was in fact the girl in the earlier Billybob scene and not the girl wearing the pink wig in the aversion therapy film.  The latter scene is unfortunately not actually mentioned on the site, so unless Cheryl Grunwald did both scenes (which there is no real cause to think) that performer now becomes an unknown.

Here is a comparison collage showing a blow-up from the Billybob scene along with a photo that is apparently one of Cheryl Grunwald in a publicity shot taken at the time of A Clockwork Orange.  It's not conclusive but it seems entirely possible it could be her.

The malcolmtribute site does help substantiate a few of the other identifications made on the IMDB entry.
  • Jan Adair, Vivienne Chandler & Prudence Drage are indeed the three women in Alex's bible fantasy
  • And Katya Wyeth is indeed the girl in Alex's Ascot fantasy right at the end of the film. 
  • Also, the uncredited brunette girl who was in the speeded up bedroom sequence along with Gillian Hills, was indeed played by Barbara Scott who doesn't appear in the end credits despite having a speaking role and the same degree of involvement as the credited Gillian Hills (who was recognisable enough from other things not to need IMDB's help identifying her role).  This seems to be because she asked for her name to be taken off the credits.  

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Topless Review Guides Updated

The following Guides have just been updated:
  • Game of Thrones with Season 6 now added.
  • Doctor Who with the latest Christmas special added.
Section Link: Topless Review Guides

Missing But Not Forgotten: Sparkling Cyanide

Over the Christmas period ITV3 showed the 2003 drama Sparkling Cyanide which originally contained a nude scene.

Sparkling Cyanide was a (loose) modern-day adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel that featured her lesser-known sleuth Colonel Race.  The main character was renamed to Colonel Geoffrey Reece (played by Oliver Ford-Davies) and he was aided by his wife Dr Catherine Kendall (played by Pauline Collins).

As originally broadcast in 2003 Chloe Howman is seen briefly nude getting into a shower before being interrupted by her doorbell ringing.  This scene was missing from the recent broadcast which was initially shown at 10:10am on 28th December 2016.  It was shown again after midnight on that same day's schedules at 1:00am.  It was the late night showing I checked which was, rather lazily, the same daytime-friendly version.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Missing But Not Forgotten: Dalziel and Pascoe

The Drama Channel have just shown an episode of long-running BBC detective drama Dalziel and Pascoe which originally had some nudity in it.  This was edited out for this transmission which began at 8pm.

The episode in question was the first story of Series 3 from 1998 entitled Under World.  The story was set amongst a mining community and dealt with the unsolved death of a miner.

Actress Joy Brook played a flirtatious woman prepared to use her charms to further her husband's career.  In the original broadcast she had two scenes worthy of note that were both excised. 

In the first scene she is seen almost topless as she is putting her bra back on after having sex with her ex-fiancé Colin Farr (Joe Duttine) - in the cut version the scene started late after she had re-dressed which resulted is some dialogue being missed.

The other scene is a flashback showing her undressing in a field in front of deputy mine foreman Harold Satterwaite (Russell Dixon) who is doing her a favour in return - while a man spies on them through binoculars - the cut version removed her part of the sequence entirely just showing the watching voyeur and leaving the viewer to guess at what he was seeing.

Joy Brook is perhaps best known for playing DC Kerry Holmes in The Bill from 1998-2000


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Film Report: Grave Tales (2011)

Grave Tales (2011)
Country: UK
Director/Producer: Don Fearney
Writers: John Hamilton, Mike Murphy
Stars: Brian Murphy, Heather Darcy, Frank Scantori, Damien Thomas, Mark Sloan, Marysia Kay

This horror film is very much in the tradition of the Amicus portmanteau films of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Dr Terror's House of Horrors (1965), The House That Dripped Blood (1970) and Tales From The Crypt (1972), in which a series of short tales were presented with a framing sequence linking them together in some way. 

It is listed on IMDB as a 2011 film and it has a copyright date of 2012, although on Marysia Kay's CV she lists it as having been something she did in 2009.

Three of the four tales have female nudity.

Framing Sequence: A young woman (Heather Darcy) visits a graveyard where she meets an elderly groundkeeper (played by George and Mildred actor Brian Murphy) who proceeds to tell her terror-filled tales of how some of the persons buried there met their untimely ends...

One Man's Meat: An alcoholic family butcher (Frank Scantori) accidentally kills a young street woman and decides his only recourse to evade justice is to dismember her and sell her as chops in his shop.  But due to the woman's unsuspected preternatural condition, customers who unwittingly consume her flesh are in for a bloody shock!

Johanna Stanton plays the young woman whom the butcher kills - she is topless on his slab as he prepares to perform the grizzly deed he has decided upon.

Callistro's Mirror: A collector of occult objects (Damien Thomas) finds an antique mirror in a junk shop that once belonged to a 17th century sorcerer.  He believes it will bring him untold fortune until he discovers its horrifying secret!

Jade Moira Lawrence and Katie Langford play the "Keepers" who live inside the mirror and are both seen topless. 

Both are similar in appearance so hopefully I've correctly worked out which is which on these collages.  (Jade Moira Lawrence can also be seen in a film called "Love Freely But Pay For Sex" and seemed to more closely resemble the one I've indicated as her)


The Hand: A brutal escaped prisoner (Mark Sloan) lops off the hand of the burdensome convict to whom he had been shackled.  But as he continues his bid for freedom the detached hand has other ideas!
No nudity

Dead Kittens: A young female singer (Marysia Kay) is plucked from obscurity to be lead singer of the girl band "Dead Kittens", not realising she has fallen into the hands of Satanists who have something deadly in mind for her career!

Marysia Kay is seen topless while changing into an outfit for a music video shoot and again when her smock is ripped open whilst lying on a sacrifice altar


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Introducing Credits

Something a bit different for this post that may be of passing interest to some.

Mainly drawn from data compiled for the Rare British Film Reviews part of the site, here is a rundown of actors who received "Introducing" credits.  Some went on to become household names whereas others were rarely seen again.  Of course many actors make their first appearances without any fanfare but these are the ones where the filmmakers chose to celebrate a newcomer with a special credit.

Listed in chronological order.
The more familiar names are highlighted in bold.

"Introducing" credits
Beat Girl (1960) - Gillian Hills
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960) - Hylda Baker
The City of the Dead (1960) - Venetia Stevenson
Travelling Light (1960) - Yannick Philouze
A Matter of WHO (1961) - Richard Briers
A Taste of Honey (1961) - Rita Tushingham
During One Night (1961) - Don Borisenko and Susan Hampshire
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) - Edward Judd
A Kind of Loving (1962) - June Ritchie
The Wild and the Willing (1962) - Ian McShane
My Bare Lady (1963) - Nina Huntredos
That Kind of Girl (1963) - Margaret Rose Keil
The Pink Panther (1963) - Fran Jeffries
The Servant (1963) - James Fox
French Dressing (1964) - Alita Naughton
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964) - Jeanne Roland
The Leather Boys (1964) - Colin Campbell
The Three Lives of Thomasina (1964) - Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber
Die, Monster, Die! (1965) - Suzan Farmer
Ferry Cross the Mersey (1965) - Julie Samuel
Licensed to Kill (1965) - Tom Adams
Shakespeare Wallah (1965) - Felicity Kendal
The Pleasure Girls (1965) - Rosemary Nicols
Up Jumped a Swagman (1965) - Suzy Kendall
What's New Pussycat (1965) - Woody Allen
Deadlier Than the Male (1966) - Virginia North
Death Is a Woman (1966) - Patsy Ann Noble
Doctor in Clover (1966) - Elizabeth Ercy
Funeral in Berlin (1966) - Eva Renzi
The Psychopath (1966) - Judy Huxtable
Theatre of Death (1966) - Jenny Till
Africa - Texas Style (1967) - Charles Malinda
Eye of the Devil (1967) - Sharon Tate
Far from the Madding Crowd (1967) - Prunella Ransome
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1967) - Barry Evans
The Viking Queen (1967) - Carita
The White Bus (1967) - Patricia Healey
To Sir, with Love (1967) - Lulu
Torture Garden (1967) - Barbara Ewing
Two a Penny (1967) - Ann Holloway
Baby Love (1968) - Linda Hayden
Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968) - Virginia Wetherell
Decline and Fall... of a Birdwatcher (1968) - Robin Phillips
Her Private Hell (1968) - Jeannette Wild
If.... (1968) - Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Richard Warwick, Robert Swann and Christine Noonan
Inspector Clouseau (1968) - Delia Boccardo
Loving Feeling (1968) - Françoise Pascal
Witchfinder General (1968) - Hilary Dwyer
Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969) - Connie Kreski
Clegg (1969) aka Harry and the Hookers - Gilbert Wynne
Come Back Peter (1969) aka Some Like It Sexy - Mary and Madeleine Collinson
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969) - Scott Hylands
One Brief Summer (1969) - Felicity Gibson
Some Girls Do (1969) - Sydne Rome
The Bed Sitting Room (1969) - Marty Feldman
The Best House in London (1969) - Carol Friday and Marie Rogers
The Body Stealers (1969) - Lorna Wilde
The Desperados (1969) - Benjamin Edney
The Haunted House of Horror (1969) - Mark Wynter
The Valley of Gwangi (1969) - Curtis Arden
Walk a Crooked Path (1969) - Clive Endersby
What's Good for the Goose (1969) - Sally Geeson
A Day at the Beach (1970) - Beatrice Edney (as an adult actress she was known as Beatie Edney)
A Touch of the Other (1970) - Helene Francoise
Every Home Should Have One (1970) - Julie Ege
Groupie Girl (1970) - Esme Johns
No Blade of Grass (1970) - Lynne Frederick, Nigel Rathbone and Christopher Lofthouse
Tam Lin (1970) - Stephanie Beacham
Crucible of Horror (1970) - Sharon Gurney
The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970) - Hildegard Neil
Too Late the Hero (1970) - Ken Takakura
Toomorrow (1970) - Benny Thomas, Karl Chambers, Olivia Newton-John and Vic Cooper
Assault (1971) - Lesley-Anne Down and James Laurenson
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971) - Mark Edwards
Bread (1971) - Yocki Rhodes
Flight of the Doves (1971) - Helen Raye
Friends (1971) - Sean Bury and Anicée Alvina
Kidnapped (1971) - Lawrence Douglas and Vivien Heilbron
Lust for a Vampire (1971) - Yutte Stensgaard (receives an "introducing" credit in the film's theatrical trailer but not in the actual film's credits.  She had appeared in several films beforehand and this was in fact one of her very last roles before leaving the acting profession).
Melody (1971) - Tracy Hyde
Not Tonight, Darling! (1971) - Nicki Howorth
Revenge (1971) - Tom Marshall and Zuleika Robson
Secrets (1971) - Tarka Kings
Straw Dogs (1971) - Ken Hutchison
The Go-Between (1971) - Dominic Guard
The Horrors of Burke and Hare (1971) - Françoise Pascal (although she also received an introducing credit in Loving Feeling from 1968)
The Road Builder (1971) - Nicholas Clay
The Ski Bum (1971) - Lori Shelle
Up the Chastity Belt (1971) - Anne Aston
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971) - Chloe Franks (although she had already appeared in smaller roles in some earlier films by this point)
Au Pair Girls (1972) - Nancie Wait
Demons of the Mind (1972) - Shane Briant
Disciple of Death (1972) - Marguerite Hardiman
Dr Phibes Rises Again (1972) - Valli Kemp
Four Dimensions of Greta (1972) - Leena Skoog
Neither the Sea Nor the Sand (1972) - Michael Petrovitch
Pulp (1972) - Nadia Cassini
Rentadick (1972) - Richard Beckinsale
The Pied Piper (1972) - Cathryn Harrison
The Ragman's Daughter (1972) - Simon Rouse and Victoria Tennant
Tower of Evil (1972) - Gary Hamilton
Vampire Circus (1972) - Serena and Milovan Weber
Virgin Witch (1972) - Ann Michelle and Vicki Michelle (Ann had been in a film called Psychomania the previous year)
Because of the Cats (1973) - Sebastian Graham Jones
Live and Let Die (1973) - Jane Seymour
Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width (1973) - Bernard Stone
Not Now Darling (1973) - Trudi Van Doorn and Jackie Pallo (Trudi Van Doorn had previously already appeared in a 1971 sci-fi film called Quest for Love)
Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman (1973) - Sue Longhurst, Felicity Devonshire, Victoria Burgoyne and Jan Servais
The National Health (1973) - Sheila Scott-Wilkinson and Neville Aurelius
The Optimists (1973) - Donna Mullane and John Chaffey
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974) - Nancy Blair
Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (1974) - Jill Damas
House of Whipcord (1974) - Penny Irving
Persecution (1974) - Mark Weavers
Vampyres (1974) - Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska
Zappers Blade of Vengeance (1974) - Jason Kemp
Farewell, My Lovely (1975) - Jack O'Halloran
Girls Come First (1975) - Rikki Howard
Legend of the Werewolf (1975) - David Rintoul
Mandingo (1975) - Ken Norton
One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1975) - Andrew Dove and Max Harris
Overlord (1975) - Nicholas Ball, Julie Neesam and Sam Sewell
Side by Side (1975) - Stephanie De Sykes and Billy Boyle (Billy Boyle had previously had a prominent role in 1970's Groupie Girl)
The Adolescents (1975) - Koo Stark
The Ghoul (1975) - Don Henderson
The Lifetaker (1975) - Lea Dregorn
The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (1976) - Janie Greenspun
A Little Night Music (1977) - Lesley Dunlop
Adventures of a Private Eye (1977) - Christopher Neil
Black Joy (1977) - Paul Medford
Cruel Passion (1977) - Lydia Lisle
French Quarter (1977) - Alisha Fontaine (she had previously appeared in 5 other films starting in 1971)
Joseph Andrews (1977) - Natalie Ogle
Jubilee (1977) - Adam Ant
Stand Up Virgin Soldiers (1977) - Pamela Stephenson and Fiesta Mei Ling
The Black Panther (1977) - Debbie Farrington
Carry on Emmannuelle (1978) - Suzanne Danielle
Give Us Tomorrow (1978) - Donna Evans and Alan Guy
Killer's Moon (1978) - Georgina Kean and Allison Elliott
Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse (1978) - Debbie Ash and Caroline Argyle
The Boys from Brazil (1978) - Jeremy Black
The Stud (1978) - Emma Jacobs
The Water Babies (1978) - Tommy Pender and Samantha Gates
Warlords of Atlantis (1978) - Lea Brodie (she was previously known as Lea Dregorn under which name she had previously received an "introducing" credit for the 1975 film The Lifetaker)
A Touch of the Sun (1979) - Edwin Manda
Arabian Adventure (1979) - Emma Samms
Bloody Kids (1979) - Richard Thomas and Peter Clark (not the famous Richard Thomas from The Waltons)
That Summer! (1979) - Ray Winstone, Julie Shipley, Tony London and Emily Moore
The Golden Lady (1979) - Christina World (although under the name Ina Skriver she had appeared in several prior films)
The Human Factor (1979) - Iman
The Passage (1979) - Paul Clemens and Robert Rhys
The World Is Full of Married Men (1979) - Sherrie Lee Cronn
Sex with the Stars (1980) - Martin Burrows
Sweet William (1980) - Geraldine James
The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1980) - Helen of Troy, Tenpole-Tudor, Alan Jones, Faye Hart
The Long Good Friday (1980) - Derek Thompson
Eye of the Needle (1981) - Philip Martin Brown
Memoirs of a Survivor (1981) - Leonie Mellinger
The Appointment (1981) - Samantha Weysom
Five Days One Summer (1982) - Betsy Brantley and Lambert Wilson
Nutcracker (1982) - Finola Hughes
The House Where Evil Dwells (1982) - Mako Hattori
Venom (1982) - Lance Holcomb
Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) - Ted Wass
G.B.H. (1983) - Brett Sinclair and Jane Cunliffe
Screamtime (1983) - David Van Day
Xtro (1983) - Maryam d'Abo and Simon Nash
Dutch Girls (1985) - Gusta Gerritsen
Letter to Brezhnev (1985) - Tracey Lea and Angela Clarke
Lifeforce (1985) - Mathilda May
Dogs in Space (1986) - Michael Hutchence
Into the Darkness (1986) - Polly Pleasence
Salomé (1986) - Jo Champa
The Fantasist (1986) - Moira Harris
The Girl (1986) - Clare Powney
Day of the Panther (1988) - Paris Jefferson
Sheherazade (1990) - Catherine Zeta Jones
The Turning (1992) - Gillian Anderson
Sparrow (1993) - Angela Bettis & Johnathon Schaech
Pervirella (1997) - Emily Booth (as Emily Bouffante)
The Cat's Meow (2001) - Claudia Harrison & Claudie Blakley

Rulers and Dealers (2006) - Freema Agyeman

Anyone know of any that I've missed?